Friday, January 25, 2019

New Challenges

*covers face with hands* ...I know! I totally deserted my blog and I'm sure you can guess it was out of shame. Well at least give me a chance to explain started with my Birthday which was on January 18th ...yea, that's pretty much all I got. There was delicious cake, and then more wonderful cake, lots of fancy eating out, oh the luxurious beers I drank food and drink list can go on and on. Hence, why I went missing. I was lost in a food frenzy man.

BUT! I'm back. And that's all that matters now. I'm here and I'm back and I have found a new source of motivation to hopefully push me through the last bit of what's left of January and well into February. I got to talking with a fellow blogger and she has decided to start a challenge! A Fitness Challenge. Basically, you create a goal for yourself of how many fitness minutes you'd like to accomplish for the rest of this month and all of February and you keep track of your minutes in hopes of meeting that goal. You can find more about the challenge here and join in on the fun if you'd like. I hope that you do.

Along with my friend's fitness challenge, I'm also creating a second challenge (whoa Stevie, you gettin' crazy in here with the challenges! Calm down turbo!) ...but I won't calm down because years ago I have done these two challenges together and not only lost weight but was able to successfully keep the weight off. It's simple, easy and actually kind of fun if you get a group of nice people in on it.

So my second challenge is a food challenge. For every day I eat under my calorie intake, I will give myself a point. My goal is to do this everyday with the exception of one cheat day a week. The challenge will start this Sunday, January 27th and end on February 28th (33 total days in challenge, minus 5 cheat days so my goal will be a total of 28 days/points). I have a fitbit so I log my food using that app and will be able to track my status that way. But there are lots of other apps or websites you can easily log your food and keep track of your calorie intake (myfitnesspal is another popular food log app/website).

These challenges are actually really fun and I hope that you join me. You can choose to join both or just one of them. Either way, if you do decide to join and keep track on your own blog of your status, the only thing I ask is that you follow through with the entire challenge and don't give up! Consistency is key to seeing success. Slow and steady wins the race ...any other cliche's you'd like to add?

Thanks for reading,


  1. If sounds fun, I may give it a try!!!!!

  2. Ok...had to write a rare Saturday post to announce my acceptance of this challenge. I hope you don’t mind...I linked you!!

  3. Glad you joined my challenge and started this one too! Watch out, we're about to be totally awesome! :)

  4. I'll track my calories too. Starting today, the 29th.
    That's 31 days minus 5 cheat days. Aiming for 26 days/points!

    1. ooops, think I'll go 34 days minus the 5. That's 29 points!